Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Flip a Fried Egg Perfectly Every Time (& link Up

Homemaking is NOT easy for most women.   A high school home economics course doesn't exactly prepare most women for the running of their households.  Because of this, and because I'm trying to finish a few eBooks before Christmas, I'm going to be sharing my best homemaking tips.  I hope you enjoy (and maybe pin) them.

Tip: Can't flip a fried egg? Make eggs in a basket instead.  Just cut out a hole in a piece of bread, then crack the egg om the center, flipping is a breeze.

Now for today's link-up, anything encouraging.  Because of spammers, I'm requiring that you link back here.  Just be sure is linked somewhere on your post or homepage.  You can grab my button if you want or link to the picture.  Either way I look forward to reading your posts and I've been pinning quite a few of them and sharing them on Facebook too.

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