Friday, August 17, 2012

Have You Ever Thought About Cheer-leading?

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.
Ephesians 4:29

 I must admit, in High School like a lot girls, cheer leading really appealed to me.  In our school being on the team didn't automatically make you popular, but it did give you an automatic group of friends.

My freshman year of high school some of the girls on the team told me I should try out to be a "flyer" because I was tiny.  My mother quickly squashed the idea like a dead bug.  I believe her exact words were something along the lines of:

"Fine, but I'm not taking you to the emergency room when you twist your ankle, fracture your wrist, and crack your skull."

Geeez! Point taken mom.

My mother also told me if I was a cheer leader I wouldn't have time for drama and music lessons.  Since I figured high school drama was imperative to my future Broadway career (teee heee) I woefully put the dreams of donning that cute cheer uniform out of my mind.

But I started thinking about cheer leading again today. No, not because I felt I missed my calling but because we as Christians are told to encourage one another.

Let's face it, life has trials, life has struggles.  Doesn't it help when someone says to you, "I'm praying for you." or better yet sends you a note of encouragement?

I draw strength from Bible reading and personal prayer, but when a friend encourages me it's like I can run another mile no matter how weary I am.  Encouragement from a friend is a tangible reminder of God's love and strength.

We are told to be each other's cheer-leaders!  So get out there and start cheering!

And speaking of cheering:  RA RA!! Siss Boom Baaa!  One of my blogging friends finished her first eBook!!!

I'll write a full review later but ladies, this is a motivating, encouraging read if ever there was one.  She's doing a giveaway on her blog today, GO AND ENTER! Or better yet buy a copy so you can be an encouragement, and then if you can give a copy to a friend if you win.  (PS she's also giving out free copies to anyone with a recipe or natural living blog.)

Will you learn along with me? Let's encourage one another.
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