Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things I've Learned From My Marriage: God Really Does Provide

I remember, it was a few weeks before our wedding, my future husband had just secured a job (back when it was a little easier to find one).  We could finally figure out a budget.

Sitting down together we began entering numbers into excel. Lot rent, homeowners, medical insurance, lights, water, cell phones, gas, groceries.   We totaled up all our necessities to see if we had enough money to make it.

And we did! Barely, but we had enough money.  Our joy was short-lived however because one of us noticed we had forgotten to include our tithe in our budget.

It would have been easy to not tithe, but not tithing simply wasn't an option for us.  Rather than with-holding from God, we decided to start our marriage in faith.  And God has always taken care of us.

Shortly after getting married I received a fabulous job offer for THE BEST company I've ever worked for.  My husband unfortunately wasn't making too much in his current position, but we were in a position now that we could save money for the children we prayed were coming.

Once again our joy was short-lived, my husband's place of work had a fire, then never re-opened.It wasn't long after that we found out I was expecting.

Again it would have been easy to justify not tithing, but once again we decided to trust God even though our income had shrunk.

We trusted God, and once again we were blessed, because I received a promotion from work and had some very good months.  I was also working part time two other places while my husband searched for a job and worked on completing his bachelors.

God enabled us not only to live on just my income, but continue to save as well.  We were praying though that my husband would be able to find a job before I had the baby.  A few weeks after his unemployment ran out (back before it was extended) he did.  It wasn't a high paying position but he'd be eligible for benefits and it was full-time WORK!

Because we'd grown so used to living on one income we just continued to save, my pay checks this time.

We were faithful to God, and God blessed us.  Between job changes, promotions, pay-raises, the generosity of others and extra work, we were always able to meet our obligations.  It may not have been the way I wanted to learn things, but God always remains faithful.

"I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." Psalm 37:25

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