Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reflecting on the Cross

Why is it that the cross has become a symbol of beauty?

No one in Roman times would have ever worn a cross or crucifix as jewelry.  It would be like us wearing a hang man's noose, guillotine, or gun around our necks today.

The cross was how many were executed in the most brutal, gruesome, and inhumane fashion. 

Countless of guilty criminals were executed on crosses no different from the ones on which Christ was crucified.

And yet, the cross has become a symbol of hope.

The cross has become a thing of beauty.

To think, death can be a thing of beauty.

But it can, because of Christ.

We can sing of His death, and have joy because of His resurrection.

We can have hope, precious peace, and a relationship, a real relationship with God.

It's passion week, we remember Christ's death.

We remember His sacrifice.

But we can have joy.

Even though there was a cruel death, there was a magnificent miracle that occurred three days later.

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