Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why We Tithe

My father has an expression he uses whenever he preaches on tithing.  "You can't out give God."

I was going through an old journal of sermon notes from last year and I found this prayer  that I wrote.  My husband and I had just run out of checks so we withdrew cash in order to tithe, unfortunately somewhere between the bank and the church the money became hopelessly lost.

"Lord you know we will tithe regardless of whether or not we find the $60, I know Lord you control our money.  We trust you but please let us find the money.  Thank you for providing for our needs."

We tithed, even though we never found the money, and within the week a Bible worth exactly $60 was given to my husband as a gift from our evangelist.

We never found that money but God has blessed us beyond belief in other ways.  He's always faithful.

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