Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let this Blog Expand Your Kingdom

Lord, help me.  Help me glorify you in this blog.  If I am not seeking your Kingdom first everything I do here is worthless.

Lord, let this blog affect your Kingdom.  Guide what I write, guide the stories I share and enable me to do your will here.  Bring readers to your salvation because of it.

Allow this blog to be an encouragement that inspires others to serve you with diligence.  Bless the ministries of my readers, and bring people to your salvation because of them.

Lord allow my words to be blessed that they might provide instruction to those who need it.  Allow me to become a Titus 2 woman to other ladies.  Enable me to speak Your grace and truth to them.

Lord bless the mothers and wives that read this blog.  Help them serve you in their homes.  May I play a role in encouraging their hearts.

Jesus, bring people to your saving grace because of what is written here.  Allow the impact of these words to be felt in eternity.

If there is any sins in my heart expose them to me so I may deal with them.  Do not let any of my short-comings be a hindrance to this ministry.

Lord this blog and every other webpage associated with it is yours.  I ask you allow it to do a mighty work.

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