Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why I Love Being a Mom

I read this post yesterday by the Mom's of Boy's society, and felt a twinge of guilt.  I haven't been treasuring the moments like I should (does any mother?).

When my 3 year old needs a band-aid and a snuggle, I don't always savor the snuggle.

When my 18 month old just needs my lap I don't always make room, even when there is no reason why I couldn't.

And when I nurse my littlest I don't always take a moment to enjoy his peacefulness.

And that journal that I meant to start with my oldest hasn't been started.

So for now, I'm planning on starting a series ( probably on Mondays, probably with a weekly linkup and fancy button) for us to share our memories of why we love being parents.  Those little moments we need to write down so one day we can look back and sigh with contentment at our collection of memories.

Will you join me? ( Subscribe or  Like Lessons from Ivy to stay up to date  )

Why I love Being a Mom Week 1

1) My 18 moth old is in a "no" phase the answer to everything is "no".  I remember when Ivy went through this phase too, and it was just as comical.  A typical conversation goes something like this, "Do you want juice?"  "No" "Are you sure" "No"

2) Both girls love holding their baby brother.  Ivy especially wants to mother and gets the biggest smile on her face when she get's to be my helper.

3) Yesterday while I was feeding Josiah, Ivy was "feeding" her baby doll on the couch next to me.  She was rubbing the dolls back and head while holding it, just like I do with Jo.  When Josiah needed a burp, Ivy took her dolly and gave it a burp as well, it was absolutely precious.

4) Felicity is going through a phase where she won't hug her dad when he asks.  It's her game, she'll run up to him just out of arms reach then run away giggling.  This would probably be discouraging to daddy, but when he lays her down for bed at night he get's the biggest most unreserved hugs, that are just for him.

5) My mother got Josiah's first smile when she was watching him so I could go to the doctors.  We'd been seeing signs of little smiles, but Ga-Ga got the first "real" smile.  I'll admit I'm a little jealous, but as often as she watches my children she deserved it : )  I got my first smile at 3:00 am this morning though when he didn't want to go back to sleep after a diaper change.  His little face was contorted in anger then he opened his eyes, saw me, and smiled.

6) Speaking of first smiles, Ivy's was on our love seat.  I had her sitting up, and I was just talking to her and she smiled for me.  Felicity's first smile was brought on by her sister playing with her.

7) We had triple doctors appointments this week with the kids.  They did very well, I am so grateful for the fish tank in the waiting room. Ivy was showing me the "Mommy iridescent fish, the daddy iridescent fish, and the baby iridescent fish."  I'm not sure if I teach her large words because I want her to have a good vocabulary or I just like hearing the cute way she says them.

8) The girls have made a "fort" between a wall and recliner in our basement.  I generally hear 10-20 minutes of giggling followed by high pitched shrieking when one of them does something to annoy the other.

9) Baby Jo has definitely decided he no longer likes his bassinet, and will only sleep in the pack and play, someones arms/sling or the bed.  I won't lie carrying him around all day isn't the easiest, but there is something wonderful about holding a little one so close.

10) Besides no, Felicity's favorite word is "tuck" (stuck).  Whether it's the tray on her high chair, her foot in her jammies, or the straps on her carseat whenever she get's frustrated the word "Tuck!" is sure to follow.

Now it's your turn.  Do you have any Mommy moments, or pictures?  If you don't have a blog write a facebook note and link up. For heaven's sakes though, take a moment and write something down because one day you'll be glad you did.

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