Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Need Advice from Other Mommies

I need advice from you, for this:

November 1st Lessons from Ivy will be releasing

"Devotions for the First Few Days" 

(Oh and did I mention it will be free?)

It doesn't matter whether it's you're first baby or eighth,
 bringing home a new little one is always filled with challenges, fatigue, and changes.

Finding a moment for yourself, let alone a moment with God is difficult to say the least, but so incredibly necessary for every new (and not so new) mamma.

The book however isn't *quite* finished, that's where I need your help.
  I'd like to include a final chapter in the book of your best advice and favorite scriptures of other mom's, so leave a comment below with both. 
(and your blog name if you'd like it mentioned)

Also if you're interested in reviewing a copy of the book on your blog before November 1st, leave a comment with a way I can contact you and we'll make arrangements.  

I invite you to  Subscribe  or Like Lessons From Ivy on Facebook, so you can stay up to date on the book release : )


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