Friday, October 21, 2011

Pregnancy is a Blessing

I'm a little excited because I get to meet this little guy soon.

But I'm also exhausted, sore, and having constant contractions 
that make it hard to do much.

But.........I was slightly convicted yesterday after reading 
this post from Raising Arrows.

So, I will try to set aside complaining and enjoy this time I have left. 

 With my first two pregnancies those final kicks I felt in the hospital 
were bitter sweet because I knew soon 
I'd be holding my babies instead of carrying them.

Pregnancy is sometimes hard.
 (like for those women who can't hold anything down for 40 weeks)

But it's still such a precious time in a woman's life.

I'm choosing to count these last few weeks as a blessing.

And for after the baby I hope all of you will join me in reading:

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