Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Ebook! Devotions For the First Few Days

My free promotional period has ended, you can get the Kindle Edition or the Print Edition.
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I am so excited!!!

After years of prayer, countless legal pads with outlines, and journals containing my meandering thoughts I've finally written a book!!  Okay so it's a really short book, but it's still a book : )

This has been a dream of mine for a very long time and thanks to e-publishing it's actually a reality.

My husband and I will hopefully be publishing more in the near future but since this is my first book, I want to share it FREE to all my readers.

I've been praying for a very long time that God would guide me to something worth wrting about.  It was the same day as a friend's baby shower that the idea for this book came to mind.

As I was thinking about all the nerves, and stress that went along with being a new mom, there was so much I wanted to communicate to my friend that just wouldn't fit into a card.  I came to the conclusion a book would be needed just to begin to say everything I wanted to.......then I realized there was absolutely no reason not to write a book containing all my thoughts.  In fact it became clear this was "the book" I had been waiting to write.

So this book is for her and all my friends, and every other mother who is holding a little one in her arms, who needs encouragement breathed into her heart.  It doesn't matter how many children you may already have, being a new mom again is still overwhelming, these words are for you.

I pray this book blesses you and you share it with others. 

If you want to download a book for your specific e-reader you can do so here for only $.99

My free promotional period for this book has ended, but I love my fans and subscribers!  Stay up to date and find out about new free eBooks. Subscribe or Like Lessons from Ivy on Facebook, I am going to always try and have at least one free eBook available for my fans : )

Again I encourage you to share this post, and this book with any mother who you think might be blessed by this new book.

I hope you have a Fabulous Day!

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