Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Perfect World?

I was very excited to review It Just Couldn't Happen, (I recieved a free copy from however I've been dragging my feet in actually reading it because IT DOESN'T TAKE THE BIBLE LITERALLY!

Here is a book that supposedly offers proof as to why a creationist's world-view is the most logical and scientifically sound and it completely discounts a literal interpretation of the first several chapters in Genesis, and claims the Bible never really gives an indication of how old the earth is. (I believe the geneologies and 6 morning and evenings of creations could refute this!)

Why does it matter? Who cares how old the earth is if you just believe God created everything?  I'll tell you why it matters, if creation took longer than 6 days, then there would have been death in the world before Adam and that is a clear contradiction of scripture, (Romans 5:12) it was by sin that death entered into the world.

An older earth means years and years of plant and animal death, cancer, disease, and survival of the fittest. And yet on the 6th day of creation God calls everything "very good."  You will never convince me that a perfect, holy, loving, just God would ever call years of suffering and death of the very creatures he made very good.  It was sin that marred creation, THIS WAS NOT GOD'S original design.

More importantly a God who would call a creation filled with death "very good" makes him slightly manevolent.  When someone asks a Christian who doesn't believe the literal interpretation of Genesis why they have cancer, or how could a loving God let my child die, or why is there so much evil in the world; does this person truly have a good answer? 

The reason why there is evil, death, and disease in the world is because Adam and Eve sinned, it did not exist before them.  Praise God he has given us a way to salvation and a promise of a new and perfect earth even though HUMANITY was the one who brought evil into this world. 

People wonder why creation scientists aren't taken seriously, it's because they completely discount what should be the foundation of their belief, God's Word.  If you're looking for creation materials, buy something takes the word of God literally, I would higly recommend any resources from

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