Monday, September 5, 2011

Choosing to be Thankful

I posted a few weeks ago about being "bumped" and my less than Christ-like deportment when faced with stress in my life.  Well the bumps just keep on coming : )

To summarize my life in a nutshell, my husband and I just bought our first home, we've moved, and our home is currently under construction and probably will be in a perpetual state of being fixed up for at least the next month; oh and I'm due in November did I mention that?

It just feels like the battles keep on coming.  There's a huge part of me that just wants a break!

On the other hand each "bump" comes with a tremendous blessing.  So much of our present state of mind is all about perception, we can choose to be grumpy or we can choose to be thankful for the things that God has given us.

I think I'll choose thankfulness.

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