Friday, December 10, 2010

A Mommy Moment

Luke 15:20
(20) And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.

Yesterday Ivy hurt her hand while trying to get a toy out of her closet.  I'm not sure if you know this but apparently 2 year olds don't have massive amounts of coordination and tend to get hurt very easily.  The tears immediately started, I bent down and kissed her hand and told her it would be all right.  I stood up, but her tears continued. The question was, do I listen to the ever so small voice in my head saying "If you coddle her she'll just learn how to cry for attention," or to listen to the overwhelming Mommy instinct to pick her up and just hold her.

I gave her a second to see if she would calm down, then the Mommy instinct won out.  I picked her up and she just sobbed into my shoulder, and I just held her and told her it would be Okay.  As I'm holding my precious little one I realized there was no where else in the world that she would have rather been at that moment.  I also realized soon I would be comforting a crying 4 year old, 8 year old, 10 year old, and sooner than I can imagine I'll be listening to a crying 12 year old from the other side of a door who doesn't want to be held by her mother. With this thought I started crying, and tried with all of my being to savor this moment.

After her sobs calmed down I took her on the couch, her arms were still around me, and I told Ivy whenever she wants a hug all she needs to do is ask.  I gave her a kiss then we got up to get a snack, the moment was over, and her boo boo was better.

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  2. Keep hugging and loving your precious little one. Time passes so fast. Besides they need Mommy hugs all during the day.

  3. Hey there! Beautiful blog and what a sweet family! :) I breezed in here from the Friendly Follow :)

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  6. Awwww, My daughter is 29 and we have different sweet moments now, but ohhhh how I remember when. Sweet story, beautiful blog. I'm over from Boost Your Blog. Blessings, Janet and

  7. Hi, I found you from the Friday blog hop and am following now. What a sweet story and a great reminder to savor some of these moments while we can.

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    I've followed you from Friday Follows. Drop by my blog and say hi! I disagree with the comment about not cuddling a crying child and agree with a previous commenter. Time passes so quickly - take the cuddles where you can get them....

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  14. Awww! You are so right about the need to appreciate being so important and such a source of comfort to a child. You won't spoil her with this, any more than God spoils us by giving us love and peace when we run sobbing into His arms.

    Don't forget, although Ivy probably will go through a stage when she doesn't want to be held by her mother anymore, even when she is a teenager and adult she'll still need you sometimes. I recently wrote about some examples in my own life.

  15. Good post Kasey! It is true - we moms now a days are fighting to be the one "in control" and not letting our kids "play us"... We're told "don't hold them too much, they will be spoiled!" or don't give in etc..... it'll quickly become routine...!
    While true - our toddlers are good at asking for a few "little things" that soon become constant expectations... -- but our love for them should NOT end up in that list of things we hold back. They SHOULD expect it :-)

    I am guilty of currently laying down with Ethan (again!) during his naptime and letting him fall asleep while I'm nearby... To be honest there are quite a few days I cringe at this and really don't want to lay down!! We had a good routine down !! One that did not involve me laying there! But of late he has an obvious need for mommy time EMOTIONALLy and to have me near by....
    I am sure the busy-ness of looking for a house, transitioning to a new church and place... various commitments this month and traveling to pennsylvania (twice in 3 weeks!!!) has caused his mommy to be a little distracted!
    So.... while I know I need to break the habit again soon... I also know that it won't be long before snuggling with my toddler and watching him sleep will just be a memory.
    Cherish the memories while they are taking place :-)


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