Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get Rich Quick, Count Your Blessings

Free Thanksgiving clipartI was at a craft show this past weekend and someone had made a beautiful plaque  with the phrase "Get Rich Quick, Count Your Blessings."  How incredibly true, but incredibly hard to live out.  I'm trying to pray and study about thankfulness this month but it certainly doesn't take long for the flesh side of me to creep out.

Yesterday my husband woke up early so he could vote, it was a simple enough thing but it threw my morning routine for a loop.  Every little thing was getting under my skin.  A dirty dish in the sink, a clogged toilet, a dirty diaper left on the floor, toys that should have been put away the night before, and two animals begging for their breakfast were not things I was in the mind-set to deal with and I started getting in a very foul mood.  Someone must have been praying for me at that moment because I heard a still small voice say, "count your blessings."

I have no room to gripe!  For every little thing I was griping about there was a wonderful blessing that went with it.

A Dirty Dish- My family is fed.
A Clogged Toilet- Praise God for indoor plumbing!
A Dirty Diaper- The precious little one who wore it.
Toys on the floor- My daughters have wonderful toys to play with and enjoy.
2 Animals Begging for their breakfast- I have two animals who are playmates to my children and will teach them love and compassion like nothing else can.

How incredibly humbling.  Being thankful is not always easy, it takes discipline and dependence on God. This month I'm challenging myself to write down 10 things every day that I am thankful for, I challenge you to do the same.  If I can ever figure out how to work a link-up tool I'll try one for the end of the month if there are enough people interested.  I'd love to hear every one's blessings.  And as far as I know, this is the only get rich quick scheme that actually works!

By the way I spent far too much time trying to make a button for my blog yesterday, so please grab it and share it : )

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