Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Do Bad things Happen to Good People

The short answer is sin.  God created an absolute perfect world.  At the end of creation He said it was very good.  God didn't need to use evolution, ie death and dieing over millions of years in order to get the species we have today.  If things had been dieing for that long God wouldn't have called things very good.  It should comfort us to know that God intended us to live in a world without death or suffering of even the tiniest of creatures.  It wasn't until sin entered the world that bad things started happening.  Before sin however was the most beautiful creation ever imaginable.

I can almost imagine Adam and Eve taking in the sounds of the Garden of Eden and listening to the sounds of calling birds and imitating their song.  They were privileged to hear the loud roars of behemoths peacefully mixing with the soft lows of cattle, accented by the occasional mewling of a great cat.  Then as the sun began to set they heard the great crescendo of buzzing insects (no need for bug spray in the garden) punctuated by the bleating of sheep being playfully chased by a yipping wolf.  Adam and Eve would have been lulled to sleep on the mossy ground with the most beautiful symphony that has ever existed.  The garden was so full of life and love I’m sure it wasn’t long before they started adding words to the praises the creatures were signing.  Perhaps God himself taught Adam and Eve how to sing.

Then entered sin, and with it punishment.  The cool nights in the garden being serenaded by God’s perfect orchestra were replaced by days of toil in the hot sun, and restless nights anguishing over what was lost.   Crime quickly followed and what was perfect was no more.  Joy remained however, men learned how to use tools to lighten their workload and soon came leisure time.  And with bits of leisure time came more song.  Almost 700 years after the fall Jubal created the first recorded instruments in history, brass and iron tools were created by another.
 Adam was still alive at this time; imagine Adam being witness to all the changes of mankind from when he and Eve first left the garden.  I wonder what he thought about society then, I wonder what he would think about society now.  I’m sure with every bit of progress we’ve made he’d still yearn with all his heart to be back in the garden on the mossy ground being lulled to sleep by God’s first symphony.


  1. I also think that "bad" things happen to "good" people because those events are working as a part of God's plan...and we just can't see how they will play out.

  2. I was talking to my mother a few weeks ago. Adam was told to name all the animals in the garden. I think it was more than "Cow" "Dog" "Sheep" I think he named them, Fluffy, Rex and the like. Imagine the animal God killed to cover their sins. It was an animal Adam had named, a friend from the garden.

    The first punishment of sin was separation from God, the second punishment was separation from someone they had been in charge to take care. What a loss that day.



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