Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perfect Moments this side of Heaven

Quiet moments are few and far between, yet they're meant to be cherished.  This world is certainly not perfect, and since the fall of man, God never promised it would be.  Yet there are moments that are so tender and precious, that they can only be described as perfect, even if they last only for a few minutes, or often times just a few seconds.  Moments, when everything is right, there's no worry, no stress, no pain, just bliss.  Moments when everything is as it should be.

Creating time for these tender moments should be a priority.  When the things we can control are in order, these moments happen more often.  When our walk with God is in a place it should be we can appreciate the small things when they happen.  Imagine being in heaven when every moment is perfect, when bliss is the norm and pain is forgotten.    In the mean time I think God gives us little glimpses of heaven just to carry us through. 

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  1. Making time for tender and peaceful moments should be on our priority list. Such a precious picture.

  2. I invite you to follow my blog. a little of this and that but mostly about my Lord.

  3. Aliene, I thought I was already a follower of your blog, I try and always follow back, but I'll double-check.

  4. I'm so excited about this week's challenge. :) Beautiful post! Love the picture! Off to make spend some time with the kids !:)

    Have a great week!


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