Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What Overflows From Your Heart?

There is an Indian Proverb that says, “What you are filled with with will spill out when you are bumped”  I absolutely love and relate to this proverb.  It rings so true in many ways probably because it’s scriptural.
“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” Matthew 12:34b
I’ve been bumped a lot in the past few weeks, bumped by medical worries, bumped by late nights, bumped by fussy kids and bumped by busyness. The list could go on.
I wish I could say all these little bumps have drawn me closer to God and that His grace and patience is what has been spilling over, but quite frankly it isn’t. In fact I’m quite ashamed to even consider writing what has been spilling over, not the character qualities of someone who is Christ like that’s for sure.
Sure it would be easy to rationalize that things are simply stressful right now. It would be easy to just give myself a break, but what spills out when we’re bumped should remind us what we need to be filling our lives with, even though it might be a natural human reaction to the situation.
If I’m skimping on devotion and prayer time, because I’ve got “too much to do” it will affect me. When I’m filling my life with good and godly things, that’s what will spill out. When I’m filling my life with anything but….. well let’s just say I shouldn’t be too surprised.
When we try to do things on our own, in our own strength we will almost always fail. But God is Mighty! God’s strength is enough. I serve the type of God that does miracles. And he reminded me this week how powerful he truly is.
My brother-in-law’s youngest brother lay unconscious in the hospital. He had taken a line drive to the temple from a baseball, his family was told he wouldn’t make it. They were told he’d be lucky if he woke up within 48 hours. EVERYONE started praying. Our church, their church, other churches, pastors, evangelists, missionaries, strangers on Facebook and twitter.
That same little boy to whom doctor’s offered no hope was up in 5 HOURS! He was TALKING, he was WALKING, he was eating Popsicles. Don’t tell me miracles don’t still happen today!
The point though is this: The same God that performs miracles, wants to help YOU. He wants to strengthen YOU, he wants to do a miracle in YOUR life.
Will you let him? Will you make a commitment to him?
It starts with abiding in Him it starts with trusting Him and drawing close to Him daily. What miracles has God done in your life lately?

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