Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Praising God In Our Imperfection

Life isn’t balanced.
My house was completely clean, then our hot water heater went out and  despite my best efforts and disposable dinner plates, the dishes started piling up.
Of course things with the hot water heater didn’t go as planned and we were without hot water for more days than I would have liked.  It was a first world problem, I count myself very blessed to have clean drinking water and only went a week without hot water, not a lifetime.
Even though a week without hot water wasn’t a major catastrophe, it did throw off our household’s groove so to speak, but we managed.  Then the kids got sick.
My littlest was running a temperature, then the next oldest, then my oldest.  All three at once.
They. Were. Miserable.
But I was able to get my youngest into the doctor, and between driving and sitting in the office I was home in less than an hour and a half.  I live in a nation where fevers don’t for the most part mean a deadly disease, rather a small miserable inconvenience.
I had a sink full of dishes, and a house progressively getting messier as I tended to my kids.Yet these things are par for the course, life isn’t balanced  (<—-The post that inspired this one by Sally Clarkson), as long as there is sin in this world it NEVER WILL BE.
Hot water heaters will break, babies will get sick, we’ll be overwhelmed, and peace will seem elusive.
Life will get messy. But we can still praise God in the middle of our messes (Tweet This)

We can’t let living in an imperfect world though stop us from praising God.

We need to stand right where we are, no matter how life is stacking up, no matter how messy it is, and shout with all our hearts:

Lord you are good!  You are worthy to be Praised!

We need to praise God right in the middle of our mess, because let’s be honest, as soon as it get’s cleaned up another mess will soon take it’s place.

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