Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog At Home Mom Giveaway

January was an exciting and blessed month for my husband and I as authors.  We had an incredibly successful Amazon promotion and 5 books that were on the best seller lists all through January.  I am so grateful and humbled by the Lord's goodness, He is the one who deserves all the praise.

Unfortunately.............. my house got a little umm, well, scary this last month, since I was spending so much time promoting our books.  Now that February's here I'm ready for things to get back to normal.

Enter Christian Slade's, "Blog at Home Mom."  The opportunity to review her book could not not have come at a more perfect time.  The book promoting last month, greatly unbalanced things  around here (not horribly bad in the short term) and this was the kick start I needed to rectify things.

Here's why I loved it:
1) It's less than 50 pages!  That means you can read it, and put her tips to work now, and not take more time away from your family than you need to.
2) It had intentional time management tips.  The book wasn't chalk full of tips on how to grow your blog, but it was an expression of writing's proper place in serving family and the Lord.
3) I LOVE Christin!  I've been following her blogs for awhile and she has such a tender sweet heart.  If you aren't fans of Joyful Mothering yet you need to be.
4) It inspired me to start a community to encourage other women to spend intentional time writing, and more time writing, if that's something your interested in, click here.

I could spend a lot more time fleshing out why you need to read this book, but per the its advice, I'm going to go spend that time with my family :) There are more reviews on her website and Amazon if you're not fully convinced.

Enter to win a copy below!  And be sure to buy the book if you don't win, it is excellent.

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