Friday, January 25, 2013

Popular Posts, Pin It Friday!

 It's been a very interesting week.  After a fire almost started in my daughter's bedroom, my brain became pretty worthless when it came to writing. I'm hoping to get a post written next week about fire safety but I just wasn't up to it right now.  So instead I decided to pull out some posts I had sitting on my laptop that just hadn't been published yet.  I'll have more on this money saving series in the coming week, be sure to click on the pictures below if you haven't read them yet.

Now it's time to link up your most popular posts, so we can all pin them!

I will do my best to pin each of your posts this week as a thank you!

Here are the rules:

1) Share this post somehow, take two seconds to pin it, or use one of the buttons below to share on facebook, twitter, or whatever.  Or you can always just link back on your blog.  Bonus points if I get a place on your sidebar : )

2) Visit at least 3 posts and Pin them!

3) As a thank you to me for hosting the link-up (it does cost just a little money) Promise to give me your first born  sign up for FREE e-mail updates using the form at the bottom of the post so you can get your Free eBooks, and so you don't forget about the party next week.
*Note since this party is still growing I run the link-ups for several weeks that way everyone's posts get more exposure.  Just be sure to visit the posts towards the bottom too!*

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