Monday, November 5, 2012

God is Still Good

A few weeks ago as my husband was preaching at another church, I couldn't take my eyes off  the family sitting just a few rows in front of us.  I knew this family's story quite well because they were friends of my parents and grandmother.

Just a few rows in front of me sat several children, and their parents.  The two fathers were brothers.  In the same row with these 2 young families sat the children's grandmother, great grandmother, and great grandfather.

The only person painfully absent in this family's four generation pew was the children's grandfather, a man barely in his 50's taken suddenly by cancer less than a year before.

And yet the rest of the family continued to worship.

How is it that a young widow can turn her eyes to Jesus, and even lead the congregation in song, in the midst of her grief?

How is it that 2 parents who lost a beloved son can continue to bless God.

How is it that 2 sons who lost a father and grandchildren who lost a papa can continue to come to church.

How are they able to praise God when their hearts are breaking?

Even when times are the hardest, God is still good.  Even when our situations aren't perfect, God is still good.  Even when we are in the depth's of grief and pain, God is still good.

Rejecting God's peace and grace in the midst of life's trials is the worst thing we could ever do.  While this world is marred with sin, life will never be perfect, it will never be fair, but God is still good.

How is it that a family struck by grief can continue to serve God?

It's because that family knows, that God is still good.

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