Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get a Free eBook Now Through Labor Day!!!!

I normally wait until the end of the post to ask, but would you mind sharing this post today?

Over the next month I will be doing some eBook promotions and releasing some new eBooks (My eBook on Freezer cooking is one of them).  I'll save you all the long boring details, so here's the Cliff Note version.

Between now and Labor Day you can get any one of my eBooks for FREE!

That's right, any eBook your choice. Including my newest one I haven't even officially launched yet.*  

Here's all you need to do:
  1. Like The Inside Outside Guys on Facebook
  2. Write a note on their wall telling them Lessons From Ivy sent you
  3. And tell me what book you want. (Contact me via my facebook page)
That's it easy peasy.  Why the Inside Outside Guys you may ask.  Well to be honest they're doing a referral based contest at the moment and I want to win, so I figured if you're willing to like their page for me and tell them "Lessons from Ivy" sent you, then I'll send you a free eBook as a thank you.  (And at the moment it seems like I'm doing pretty well in the running).

If you don't know who the inside outside guys are, you will LOVE them.  They are a nationally expanding radio broadcast that talks about all things home improvement/living related, and THEY ARE HILARIOUS!

Not only is their broadcast one of my favorite radio shows to listen to, but their blog has great information as well, like Dealing with Bed Bugs, Making Your home (or apartment) more energy efficient, erradicating mold, and anything else related to home improvement.

So Get your free copy!!  Oh and if you share this post via facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc. just let me know and I'll send you a second copy of the same book or a different one.

Oh and even if you already have my books would you consider sharing this post with others?  I really do want to win : )

Here are the books:

Counting It Joy

Part of the Lessons From the Word for Women Series, Counting it Joy explores James 1:2-8.  A small passage of scripture with the ability to challenge, uplift, and comfort.

Every single person on the planet goes through struggles, problems and trials. Counting your trials as joy doesn't exactly seem like a "normal" thing to do, but that is exactly what James the apostle told the early Christians to do during their time of great persecution and poverty. This passage of scripture is sure to become one of your favorites, as you read it in depth. Choosing joy when it's "times get tough" isn't easy, but this scripture examines why it's so necessary.

Also available for Kindle and Nook

Devotions For the First Few Days

Having a new baby is hard no matter how many times you've been there before. It's hard to find time to take a shower let alone spend time in Bible reading and personal devotion. Whether you've just had your first baby or your fifth, little ones come with their own set of joys and stresses. "Devotions For The First Few Days" is written by a mother who has been in new mom shoes three times before. The book contains 2 weeks worth of uplifting heartfelt devotions, for when a mother needs encouragement most, right after she's had a baby.
Available in Print, for Kindle, for Nook, and in PDF

Honoring a Child Born To Heaven (Print and eVersions)

Every life is precious no matter how fleeting."Honoring A Child Born To Heaven" is a book of hope and healing for parents who have suffered through all types of pregnancy loss, particularly miscarriage. It includes touching ways to honor a baby born to heaven rather than their mother's arms. It is a book of Christian hope written by a Mom who has gone through multiple pregnancy losses. It doesn't attempt to put a band-aid on grief, rather it gives the reader permission to honor, celebrate, commemorate, and remember their child's life in whatever way they see fit.
Available in print, for Kindle, for Nook, and in PDF

The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher

There are few books that teach piano instruction with Christ as its center. It is written by a piano pedagogy teacher, who has taught music to students as young as toddlers and as old as ninety. "The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher" examines how to setup a piano studio from a Biblical perspective in a reader friendly question and answer format. It provides wisdom in the spiritual, business, and instructional aspects of teaching piano. This book is written with the novice piano teacher or would be teacher in mind.
Available for Kindle, for Nook, and in PDF

Children’s Books
The Kitty Who Didn’t Get Breakfast

Normally Chester lives in the lap of luxury with all of his kitty needs taken care of, but one morning Dad rushes out the door and forgets to feed the cat, and no one else seems to notice his sad meows and angry growls. Will the poor little kitty ever get something to eat?
A fun illustrated rhyming story, that will delight you and your children. An imaginative read-aloud. You will fall in love with Chester and want to feed him yourself. **Note, because this book is exclusively available through Amazon, if this is your free choice, then I will send it in 60 days.**

Available exclusively through Kindle

His Given Breath (Print and eVersions)

The poetry in "His Given Breath" is not only enjoyable to read, but the wordplay makes it exciting to listen to as well. It is a must read for the avid and casual Christian poetry fan. "His Given Breath" is an expression of faith in contemporary verse. Beyond what you'll find in a greeting card this small collection of poems opens up aspects of the Christian faith in an fresh exposition. From structured styles to free verse, these poems span many different mediums. Reflecting the trials and triumphs of every Christian's walk with the Lord.
Available in print, for Kindle, for Nook, and in PDF

So get your free copy:

  1. Like The Inside Outside Guys on Facebook
  2. Write a note on their wall telling them Lessons From Ivy sent you
  3. And tell me what book you want. (Contact me via my facebook page)

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