Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Prioritize (And Encourage My Heart Link Up)

Consider Reading Proverbs 6:1-10 for a personal devotion today.

Managing every area of our life is a lot.  Doing it the way God desires is hard.  But that’s okay because God desires that we’re diligent workers.  Because He desires us to be diligent we can trust that he will help us to be diligent as well.  There will be seasons in your life where you will always be doing.

I LOVE writing and I LOVE blogging.  So for me even though I’m technically working, it’s something I love and enjoy.  Don’t let blogging consume your personal down-time unless you LOVE it.  God wants us to be diligent, but everyone needs a break.

Intentionally planning our days and redeeming our time is imperative.  We’ve been studying our priorities this week in preparation for writing a schedule, one that can be flexible but provide guidance and structure for our days.

For me a rigid hour by hour schedule does not work in our home.  Babies get hungry, toddlers want snacks, kids need to go to the bathroom and need mom to read to them, all at times that don’t neatly fit within a perfect schedule.  What has worked for me however are prioritized lists.  I generally keep a list of Daily, weekly, monthly, and long term goals. I will occasionally break down my goals into morning, afternoon, and evening sections.

Either way today is the day to pray about and write your schedule or daily to do list.  What are your top priorities?

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  1. In our home, time management is a bit of a problem. Because of my health conniption, there are abnormal adjustments, but our family is working hard to improve in this area. We just need a lot of DISCIPLINE.

  2. Hopped by today and I am glad I did. Much of the time my priorities are all out of whack. But I also am guilty of having all my ducks in a row and when one of them gets out of the row I lose my mind. I am by my own nature a planner and if my plans get jumbled up, I tend to frazzle!

  3. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and all these others will be added unto you. That is a great verse for when the world tries to bog us down with way too many competing priorities.
    Love in Him,
    Laurie Collett

  4. I like your approach. Not everyone is a schedule person. Since I'm an empty-nester and my husband is semi-retired and my "work" is blogging, my situation is unique and constantly a challenge for me to prioritize correctly but for different reasons than young moms have. Thanks for linking to B&BB..praying that your week is well-prioritized! : )


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