Monday, May 7, 2012

Encourage My Heart Link Up

I was having a little bit of writer's block, so I've asked my husband to give me the first word of this post, he chose the word "donkey."  Donkey?  He couldn't have given me a harder word to go on.  So here is my attempt to start a post with the word "donkey."

"Donkey," said the red head to her pet mule, "Remind me to buy a book of writing prompts, because my husband is lousy at them."

 Just like after I finished my last eBook, finishing this one has left me once again a little burnt out on writing.  I'll probably do some vlogs this week so my brain can take a break.

In the mean time, for the month of May my eBook "Honoring a Child Born to Heaven" will be free for  Facebook fans and e-mail subscribers.  Please consider sharing this information on your social networks because there are so many women who struggle with the grief of miscarriage.  This is a book of hope for them.

And here are some of my favorite posts from last week:


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Now it's your turn, link up your encouraging posts.  
I'm not fussy about "rules" but I'd love for you to link back or become a fan as a simple thank you for hosting.

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12. HOW to Say Sorry to Your Husband (or Anyone)

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16. Dear God, Please Help Me Forgive Her!

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20. God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear

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27. Serving God in difficult times

28. When words return: a song for Little Angels

29. Trusting God With The Future

Will you learn along with me? Let's encourage one another.
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