Monday, December 26, 2011

Thoughts on Thoughts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend.  I know I did : )  It was made particularly special by having church Sunday morning, slightly more chaotic, but definitely special.  Unfortunately since having Josiah 6 weeks ago I've gotten three different infections all related to child birth, 2 of which blindsided me over Christmas weekend.

Now, I'm not going to say I was able to keep a 100% cheery attitude in spite of things, there may have been more than one occasion where I was frustrated and miserable to the point of tears, but for the most part it didn't ruin things.  I tried to focus on all the good things and memories going on around me, rather than wallow in misery.  After all I'm not the first woman to be recovering from child-birth on Christmas, that was Mary and she had to do it in a barn!

Before any of you get the idea that I'm some sort of super-woman able to will away depressing and negative thoughts, let me assure you I'm not.  There are certainly moments when my thoughts get the best of me.  However it is imperative for the sake of my husband, my children, and me, that I don't allow negative thoughts to reign.

Our thoughts define us, we may think they're personal, private, and secret, but they're not.  The Bible makes it clear that our thoughts will come out (Luke 6:45) no matter how hard we try to hide them. 

Be sure to check back this week as I explore more thoughts on thoughts. The planned posts for the series are:

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