Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Get a Free Breast Pump

It's a little known secret that many health insurance companies will cover a breast pump for new mothers.  I suppose it makes good financial sense because studies have shown breast fed children get less colds, flus and ear infections.  So if an insurance company shells out money to buy you a pump to help you sucessfully breast feed they are expecting to make up the cost from doctors visits your children won't need.  On a side note most state Medicaid programs generally don't cover a breast pumps unless there is a medical necessity, but many state WIC programs will cover an inexpensive manual one so they won't need to provide supplemental formula to mom's who can't breast feed exclusively. Which again makes good financial sense.

I had heard rumors about free breast pumps from  insurance companies, but I didn't really believe it until one showed up on my doorstep : )  And getting it paid for literally only took ONE phone call.  No calling to my doctors, calling my insurance, waiting on hold, calling the medical supply company, waiting on hold, calling my insurance again, waiting on hold......it just took ONE  5 minute call.  Seriously why did it take me three babies to do this?

The secret is Edgepark Medical Supplies.  They've been in bussiness since 1928 and they have fabulous customer service. First I went to their website and chose what model pump I wanted.  I then called their customer service number and gave them my insurance information and my doctors phone number.  They told me the model I picked out was generally  100% covered by my type of insurance but if for some reason it wasn't they would call back and get my payment information if I didn't want to cancel the order completely. 
purely yours breast pump w/carry all & ac adapter

You can track your order on their website, but I never did because I got the pump within a week, even though I ordered it the day before Thanksgiving weekend.  The model I got retails for almost $350, and I didn't pay a dime. Even if your doubtful your insurance will cover such an expense, it's certainly worth a phone call, Edgepark is more than willing to do the leg work for you.


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