Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eliminating Worldly Influence With a Media Fast

Yesterday we examined how the media influences our thought life.  Today I'd like to challenge you to take a secular media fast.

I dare you, go a week without any Yahoo News stories, sitcoms, magazines, non-Christian Music, non-Christian novels, and non-Christian websites and see what happens.

Replace these things with godly pursuits.  I've done this every time I feel I need to draw closer to God and seek his guidance,  I've been pregnant or nursing for the past 4 years, so this is a good alternative to a traditional fast when my walk needs some extra help.

Some interesting things have happened each time I've done this.  First of all, many negative thoughts that were creeping into my brain almost immediately dissipate without something fanning their fire.

Also, each time I've done this my personal media standards became permanently higher.  When my fast would end I'd be completely turned off to the sin that has become a normal part of week-nite television.  This has caused me to purge our DVD collection (with my husband's blessing) and stop watching favorite TV shows.

Every time it has been worth it, every time it has improved my thought life, every time it's made me detest the wisdom of the world even more and every time it has drawn me closer to God.

Secular media isn't inherently bad, but after taking a break from it you will be amazed at the perspective you gain.  I hope you will continue to join me as I finish this series.

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