Monday, March 7, 2011

A Life Worth Saving

To a Woman I will Never Meet,

Thank you. Thank you for carrying my husband for 9 months and then giving him to his parents.  Thank you for making the sacrifice of never knowing or meeting the child that you carried. Thank you for not ending a life, when it would have been easy and convenient.

At times I'm sure you must have been tempted, especially before anyone found out you were pregnant, to take the "easy way out" and end your pregnancy.  I'm so glad you didn't because my husband wouldn't be here today, and neither would our children.  When I think about a life without him or my daughters, I can scarcely breathe.  They are my biggest blessings.  And I have these blessings because you were willing to put your needs aside for a season and have a baby that would never be yours.

I know you chose his parents, and I must say you chose very well.  I don't think any two people could have loved him more.  In their care, he developed the quirky, joyful personality that I fell in love with.
I pray that through this letter of gratefulness for the life you literally created and saved, that another mother may choose to bless a family as richly as you have blessed ours. Had you done what so many other women choose to do, there would be no night time baths, no daddy roller coaster rides, no sweet little smiles or screams of joy filling my home and heart.

When you chose to have my husband you saved three lives that day, and for that I will always be grateful.

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