Monday, February 7, 2011

Adventures of Boogabooga Land is a DVD is a very different telling of 3 Biblical parables, with kid friendly characters set on a bizarre and fun island I was extremely excited to receive a free copy of this DVD through to review, however it wound up being more than a little disappointing. 

The bright colors and fun characters certainly held my kids' attention, but the storyline and connection to Biblical parallels was not very strong.  I was also very bothered by the somewhat crass and violent humor that was on this "Bible Story" DVD.  In it's defense, the bothersome humor was much milder than it's secular counterparts, however, it still isn't something I want in my home.

Even as an adult I had a very hard time correlating the on-screen stories to their Biblical counterparts.  This cartoon is certainly not designed to teach your kids a Bible lesson, but maybe get them thinking in the right direction.  In the end there's such a loose connection to scripture an explanation is needed to make any sense of it all.

This show is a definite pass, there are a lot more wholesome and Biblical options out there.

I received a free copy of this DVD through and was not compensated in any other way.

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