Thursday, January 20, 2011


As I was reading different blogs today, I came across this beautiful poem shared by Catherine over at Simplicity of the Soul.  It really touched my heart.  How much money we've spent in medical bills and general costs on our girls is enough to make my head spin. There are so many other things that money could have done. Would I like a brand new car or a nicer home? It would be nice, but I gladly drive my 12 year old sedan and live in my 10 year old modular home in exchange for my little blessings. Hope you enjoy this poem.


Instead of silken china scarf,
Petal-soft touch of tiny arms.
Instead of gold and silver bands,
The precious clasp of baby hands.

Read the rest over here : ) 

Thanks so much for sharing this Catherine!

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  1. Kasey, I'm so glad you were blessed by my poem and so honored that you wanted to share it on your blog. Your blog is beautiful! :)

  2. Such a great poem. I'm on the tail end of mothering--my youngest is a highschool senior. I may not have everything others do, but my daughters have giving me so much love and joy that I'm very happy and would do it all over again.

    Your children are adorable!


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