Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Prayer

Oh Lord, thank you.
  Thank you for sending your son as a precious child.
  Thank you for sending him to the parents
who would raise him   for your purpose.
Thank you for your Son's ministry on earth.
Thank you for his death, and victory over the grave.
Thank you for the salvation his precious life has bought me.

Bless those this Christmas
who have lost someone precious in their life. 
Bring them comfort that exceeds
their expectations or understanding.
Wrap them in your peace.
Comfort them with your overwhelming presence.
Carry Them.

Heal those with sickness and pain.
Bring relief dear Lord to my loved ones who suffer.
Bless them with the knowledge that
their suffering is only temporary.
Bring them comfort through their pain or sickness,
 if you choose not to remove it.

Bring to our hearts Lord the message of Your purpose.
Bring to our hearts Lord the message of our purpose.
Enable us to live out both of these passionately on Christmas
and every day of the year.

Turn hearts toward You this Christmas time.
Enable us to celebrate Your gift, Your grace, and Your purpose.
Lord turn our family's hearts towards you.

We thank you so much for Your sacrifice.
No one gave up more than You.
No one suffered more than You.
You are wonderful and worthy of all praise.

Thank you for that precious Night when Your Son was
born and hope entered a hopeless world. 
Allow that truth to echo in our hearts.

In Your Most Holy Name.

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