Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dragon at Heart's Door

The Fair Maiden is trapped.  The dragon sits at the threshold of her home, and it may as well be the threshold of her heart.  Its glittering red scales are iridescent in the pale rays of sunlight that sneak into her chamber. The beasts muscled body is that of pure strength, no other creature is as magnificent as this one. The maiden is too terrified to notice the beauty of the beast which is her captor.  She can appreciate nothing, she is trapped. Unable to leave her prison, unable to function within it, she stares at the dragon and weeps.
One night however as she lay sleeping, the bravest most valiant knight of the kingdom arrives to vanquish the dragon.  The maiden is vaguely aware something is going on outside her chamber door, but she is to weary to investigate or care.  Little did she know the battle of the ages was occurring whilst she slept.  The dragon unwilling to give up his captive fought with all his might, but the good knight was too strong and too cunning.  Soon after the fight began the dragon could see there was no winning and left, leaving the knight to claim his glory.  The good knight however did not do this for the accolades of slaying another dragon, he did this for the maiden who slept in the chambers guarded by the foul beast.
The following morning the fair maiden awoke, the dishes were done, the floor had been swept!  A load of dish towels were clean and the house had been tidied!  Her dragon had been slain and she had the most wonderful knight of the kingdom to thank for it. 

(OK so I realize this may be a bit melodramatic, but my house has gotten a little out of hand lately because of Holiday activities.  I did not expect my husband to do what he did, but it’s like a huge weight has lifted off of my shoulders and I truly appreciate it.)

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